Fresh Pizza, Pasta, Calzones

(I = 8" Individual    S = 10" SMALL servers 1-2    M = 12" MEDIUM serves 2-3    L = 15" LARGE serves 3-4)
Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza
Mild Italian Sausage and Pepperoni. Topped with Fresh Mozzarella and Marinara Sauce.
I: $9.95  S: $12.95  M: $15.95 $14.49  L: $17.95

Barbecued Chicken Pizza

Sliced Red Onion, Fresh Cilantro and Smoked. Gouda Cheese
I: $8.95  S: $11.95  M: $14.49  L: $17.95
Thai Chicken
Satay sauce, mozzarella, tender spicy chicken breast, red pepper and julienne carrots. Finished with crunchy Asian noodles, green onion and sesame seeds.
I: $8.95  S: $11.95  M: $14.49  L: $17.95

Tomato Basil Pizza
Fresh Roma Tomatoes, Basil, Mozzarella and Chevre Cheese. Brushed with a Mild Chili Oil.
I: $8.95  S: $11.95  M: $14.49  L: $17.95

Hawaiian Pizza
Signature pizza sauce, mozzarella,
smoked ham and pineapple.
I: $8.95  S: $11.95  M: $14.49  L: $17.95

Pasta Dishes:

(S = SMALL servers 1-2    L = LARGE serves 2-3)

Bolognese Tagliatelle Pasta
This famous Italian sauce is rich, meaty and not tomato-based. Made with ground beef & pork, hearty red wine, beef stock, garlic, onions, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, cream & seasonings, it is a wonderful rich sauce for this egg-based pasta.
S: $6.95  L: $8.95 $7.95

Tomato & Sausage Risotto
This creamy, comforting pasta dish is a complete meal in itself with sweet or hot Italian sausage, tomatoes, shallots, spinach, dry white wine, rich butter and fresh parmesan cheese.
S: $7.95  L: $9.95

Prawn and Scallop Linguini
Prawns and scallops, citrus white wine cream sauce, grape tomatoes, fresh basil, arugula, grated parmesan, toasted pine nuts
S: $6.95  L: $8.95

Shezuan Linguine
Sauteed vegetables in a spicy Thai glaze on linguine. Add beef tenderloin tips or chicken breast $5.95.  Add shrimp or scallops.
S: $6.95  L: $8.95

Fresh Calzones:

(S = SMALL servers 1    L = LARGE serves 1-2)
Stuffed Bread (Stromboli)
The Original Stuffed Bread that Eats Like a Sandwich. Stuffed with the finest meats and cheeses and bursting with flavor!

S: $3.95  L: $5.95

Stef's New York Style Calzones
Made with the finest ingredients. We slice all of our meats and use a medley of cheeses to bring you a true Italian treat.
S: $4.95  L: $7.49

Italian Stromboli
Another delicious Italian Sandwich. Our product is convenient and can be prepared in Microwave for fast easy serving. Fresh baked bread filled with 100% real cheese. sliced meats and 50% filling distributed throughout.
S: $5.95  L: $7.95 $6.95

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